Let’s get started improving health care for all our patients.

As a sustainable health insurance company, we are committed to establishing long-term, transparent, and data-driven relationships with all the key stakeholders in the care continuum, including our providers.

Existing Provider? Welcome Back!

At eternalHealth we know the value that providers bring.

We’ve engaged with providers to understand your pain points and have actively worked to alleviate them. That means a reduced administrative burden, a streamlined credentialing process, automated pre-authorization process, and more.

Our Commitment

For our providers, we commit to a partnership that includes sharing risk and information. 

Our data-driven processes will leverage your in-depth expertise and knowledge of the patient to provide useful insight and actionable data that will result in quality outcomes for your patients. All of this can be integrated directly into your existing workflows!

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Page Last Updated On: March 31, 2022