Let’s get started improving health care for all our patients.

As a sustainable health insurance company, we are committed to establishing long-term, transparent, and data-driven relationships with all the key stakeholders in the care continuum, including our providers.

Existing Provider? Welcome Back!

At eternalHealth we know the value that providers bring.

We’ve engaged with providers to understand your pain points and have actively worked to alleviate them. That means a reduced administrative burden, a streamlined credentialing process, automated pre-authorization process, and more.

Our Commitment

For our providers, we commit to a partnership that includes sharing risk and information. 

Our data-driven processes will leverage your in-depth expertise and knowledge of the patient to provide useful insight and actionable data that will result in quality outcomes for your patients. All of this can be integrated directly into your existing workflows!

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Get Credentialed.

Complete a credentialing app to verify your experience and expertise.

Standard Credentialing Application at CAQH

As part of eternalHealth’s Provider Credentialing process, we utilize Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Inc. (CAQH), to help streamline the process and reduce any additional burden on our providers.

This is a platform utilized by many physicians and health plans, and is a fast and easy way to securely submit your information at no cost to you.

If you already have a CAQH Profile, all you need to do is make sure you do not have an expired attestation and your information is up to date. We will take care of the rest!

If you do not have a CAQH Profile, please click the link here and follow the prompts to create your profile and complete your application.

What happens next?

  • CAQH will notify you once your application is complete.
  • If you do not fully complete the application, someone from CAQH will contact you.
  • CAQH will send your completed application to us for review and we will verify your credentials.
  • CAQH will send you quarterly reminders to update your information.

eternalHealth Provider Credentialing Application

eternalHealth is on a mission to reduce your administrative burdens, so to provide the utmost flexibility, you may also utilize our Provider Credentialing Application, should you prefer that.

Please complete the application and either mail or fax the document to:

Mailing address:

C/O eternalHealth Provider
PO Box 641,
Southbourough, MA 01772

Fax Number: 1 (866) 347-8864

What happens next?

  • eternalHealth will notify you once your application is received and complete.
  • If you do not fully complete the application, someone from eternalHealth will contact you.
  • eternalHealth will send you annual reminders to update your information.

Once your credentials have been verified by eternalHealth, you will be added to the Provider Directory and receive a Welcome Kit that includes your personalized provider ID and other helpful information so that you are able to spend time on what is most important, taking care of your patients.

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We’ll be happy to help answer any questions you have.

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Page Last Updated On: July 1, 2022