Leigh Headshot
Leigh Singer
Chief of Staff

Leigh Singer worked at PriceWaterhouseCoopers before joining the team at eternalHealth as its first employee and Chief of Staff. At PwC, Leigh was a management consultant, focused on Consumer Operations, working on consumer market strategy and solution teams. She worked on and acted as project manager for projects including multi-year, million-dollar software implementations as well as workforce transformations for companies within the Fortune 500. At PwC, Leigh was a leader in the Consumer Market Diversity and Inclusion team, working as a moderator and leader within PwC’s internal DEI strategy.

Leigh’s experience in operations and transformation have led to a focused interest in opportunities for improvement, now specifically within the healthcare industry. Being a part of a health insurance company that is determined to push the needle forward on what is possible in the industry when the member is put at the forefront, is a culmination of the interests and abilities from Leigh’s experience.

Leigh Singer graduated Cum Laude from Babson College, where she attended as Posse Scholar, a recipient of one of the country’s leading leadership and academic scholarships. At Babson she continued to refine her understanding of social justice and equity, as well as her leadership of various organizations and academic performance.

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