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Brittany Cardinal
Director of Marketing

An experienced marketing and sales leader, Brittany Cardinal spent much of her career in the hospitality industry. She led teams of 20+ and collaborated directly with clients and vendors including Medical, Corporate and Entertainment Corporations, negotiated contracts, generated leads and developed long-standing relationships. Through this work, Brittany was responsible for creating and executing marketing and sales strategies, including large annual plans executed by a team, as well as smaller marketing blitz style campaigns. She also worked creatively throughout these positions, spending time working on cohesive branding including for social media, and traditional advertisements.

Brittany is responsible for managing and developing eternalHealth’s marketing campaigns and sales strategies across different channels and segments. She thrives in working with creative teams to develop marketing and sales plans with specific objectives and analyzing customer insights and trends. Brittany’s enthusiasm and creativity spills into her everyday work. Joining eternalHealth allows Brittany to use her refined interpersonal, creative, and technical skills to work as an advocate for the residents of Massachusetts. Creating and executing eternalHealth’s marketing and sales strategy allows Brittany to increase access to affordable care, while maintaining a consistent brand and member experience. She is proud to be part of a company who is looking to make a difference in the healthcare industry while making care accessible and affordable to all.

Brittany graduated from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts with a degree in Business Administration.

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